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What our Customers Say...

  • Regarding our Glide 4: "Life-like action, bass love eating this bait as much as I like to throw it, it's been a game changer in tournaments."

    Fred Claar
  • Regarding our 5" Wacky Worms: "Wow! The new colors are just cool and gives a whole new meaning to Wacky Worm. Its' unique design gives it a great deal of action."

    Virgil "Gimpy" Glawson
  • Regarding our Wake 5: "This is an absolutely awesome bait. The bait’s paint scheme is phenomenal and it’s also rugged. You can fish it on top like it was designed or choose to fish it like a Crankbait by reeling it a little faster. The swimming action is top-notch too. You can’t go wrong with this bait."

    Matthew Lowery